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Auksjon #4 (453-457.5 / 463-467.5 MHz)

Auksjon nummer 4 var tildelinga av frekvensane i 450 MHz-bandet som tidligare vart nytta av Telenor for mobiltelefonisystemet NMT. Det kom inn eit bod i auksjonen frå Nordisk Mobiltelefon AS som dermed fekk frekvensløyve. Informasjon om auksjonen vart berre publisert på engelsk.

Date of auction

8. June 2004.


The licence covers the frequencies 453-457.5 / 463-467.5 MHz and was held by Telenor ASA, expiring 31. December 2004. It was used for NMT450. The frequency band was available as of 1 January 2005 and the new license expires 31. December 2019. The licence is technology neutral and covers terrestrial services on Norwegian territory with the exception of Svalbard, Jan Mayen Island and Norwegian dependencies.

Auction format

The auction format can be described as a single round, sealed bid discriminatory price auction. (See link to auction rules below).

Annual spectrum fees / Reservation price

The annual spectrum fees are NOK 4 500 000.  Apart from that, there was no reservation price.

Minimum coverage requirement

A minimum of 30 base stations must be established that provide a total calculated coverage of at least 16,000 km2 by 15 September 2005. The coverage provided must be such that it supports services that for the users correspond to the services normally associated with mobile telephony services. It is not a requirement that the network supports circuit-switched traffic; a pure IP-based network may be regarded as being in compliance with the coverage requirements provided that it is rolled out with sufficient capacity for supporting IP telephony services.

Spectrum cap


Bids received

The NPT received one bid for the license. The bidder Nordisk Mobiltelefon AS is planning to deploy a CDMA450 (CDMA2000) network.



Present discounted value*  (in year of assignment)


Annual fee

Lump sum

11% discount rate

3,5% discount rate

 Nordisk Mobiltelefon AS 

4 500 000

1 078 600

 36 858 913

 47 985 005

* The sum of the lump sum payment and the present value (2004) of the future payments of annual charges. The two different rates represent assumed industry and government discount rates.