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Auksjon #2 (1800 MHz)

Auksjon av frekvensar til GSM i 1800 MHz-bandet var den andre frekvensauksjonen i Noreg og vart gjennomført i desember 2001. Informasjon om auksjonen vart berre publisert på engelsk.

Date of auction

6. December 2001


The vacant frequency bands 1710-1754.5/1805-1849.5 and 1764.5-1771.3/1859.5-1866.3 MHz (1800 MHz) were divided into 7 abstract lots comprising 32 GSM channels (6.4 MHz duplex bandwidth each. The lots are described as "abstract" because bids for lots with a specified (defined) spectral position were not accepted. The licences cover terrestrial services on Norwegian territory with the exception of Svalbard, Jan Mayen Island and Norwegian dependencies.

Auction format

The auction format can be described as a single round, sealed bid discriminatory price combinatorial auction of abstract spectrum blocks. (See auction rules below).

Annual spectrum fees / Reservation price

The annual spectrum fees are NOK 200 000 per duplex GSM channel (2 * 200 kHz bandwidth). Apart from that, there was no reservation price.

Spectrum cap

A spectrum cap prevented any licensee in the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz bands from having an attributable interest in more than 37.6 MHz of combined (paired) spectrum in those bands.

Bids received

The NPT received two bids for single 6.4 MHz blocks, leaving five 6.4 MHz blocks unsold.



Present discounted value*  (in year of assignment)


Annual fee

Lump sum

11% discount rate

3,5% discount rate

 NetCom AS

 6400 000


 41 556 129

 61 850 390

 Teletopia Mobile Communications AS

 6400 000

  51 750

 41 602 829

 61 897 090

* The sum of the lump sum payment and the present value (2001) of the future payments of annual charges. The two different rates represent assumed industry and government discount rates.