Types of ecom providers who need to register

  • Providers which install, operate and give access to electronic communications networks that are used for the provision of public electronic communications services
  • Providers of public telephone services
  • Providers of transmission capacity (leased lines)

Ecom providers who are not within these categories do not have a duty to register.

Regulatory background

The market for electronic communications is open to all providers who wish to enter the market, and permission from the authorities is not required.

You can find guidance and information about your obligations as a provider here.

The types of ecom providers listed above have a duty to register their activities with Nkom, pursuant to Section 1-2 of the Ecom Regulations. For such providers, registration is necessary in order to operate legally. Registration must take place before, or simultaneously with, the commencement of activities.

Registration form

Registration with Nkom is done by completing this specified registration form. The registration form can be sent to Nkom at firmapost@nkom.no

List of registered providers

Nkom publishes a list of registered providers.